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The future of Africa is bright. Innovation, and not aid, is the answer.”

McLean Sibanda believes that Africa must be deliberate about its economic development and that change requires champions and, importantly, fertile enabling environments.

In Nuts & Bolts you’ll gain unique perspectives of the challenges faced by leaders overseeing a turnaround in any organisation and the thought processes behind innovation initiatives that yield value.

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McLean provides practical insights on innovation and entrepreneurship for Africa’s development through a narrative of his seven years of repositioning Sub-Saharan Africa’s first internationally recognised Science and Technology Park, The Innovation Hub. Reflections from successful entrepreneurs who experienced support and expertise through the Hub, who have all gone on to build successful businesses, will be useful for those working on a start-up or innovation and don’t know where to begin. The musings of entrepreneurs, innovators and ecosystem builders provide relevant context, inspiration and examples how best to make use of support programmes provided by incubators and organisations similar to The Innovation Hub.

Nuts & Bolts is a book about hope and inspiration; stories about real people and companies who are making a difference that are influencing the future of our planet and its people. It captures deep insights from the considerable time McLean has spent with entrepreneurs and innovators, on the importance of inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship, and provides a mix of global experiences and entrepreneurship narratives that eloquently sketch out the ‘nuts and bolts’ for entrepreneurship and innovation.

I hope this book will be of value to those wanting to make a difference, or be the difference, in solving many challenges faced by our world today, and in developing new products and services to create new market opportunities for a better world.”

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8 reviews for Nuts & Bolts (Paperback)

  1. Rendani S. Mamphiswana (verified owner)

    Nuts & Bolts is indeed about about the nuts and bolts of an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. By engaging several variables making up an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, Dr Sibanda develops a framework for both designing, developing, operating, and sustaining.

    Dr Sibanda is honest and vulnerable in the book, making the book both real and tangible. I loved this part about the book and my respect for him increased significantly. Dr Sibanda allows other to critique him in his own book and the text is on final print. This part is both encouraging and commendable.

    As an innovation scholar, Dr Msoni’s reflection in the book is both deep and important for me. The South African system of innovation has been criticized for prioritizing radical and high-tech innovation, yet in 2018 they made only ~5% of manufacturing export – compared to over 30% in China and South Korea. So, to learn that getting approval for eKasi Labs faced a lot of resistance is a sad affair.

    In 2002, when we released the National R&D Strategy, former President Mbeki argued that we need our people (especial youth) to be conversant with modern technologies so that South Africa can be positioned to participate in what is now knowledge intensive economy.

    eKasi Labs were meant to do exactly that. I hope Nuts & Bolts makes it to become a textbook in not only graduate and business schools, but various learning platforms.

    Thank you very much Dr Sibanda for this gift, the gift of knowledge to lead South Africa and Africa on innovation led development.

  2. Emmanuel Njang

    A book well written for this generation and era, at a time where the World is facing massive disruption. We thank Mr Sibanda for leading the course and for having had courage to pen this book.
    You and I need this book, maybe now, maybe tomorrow or 10 years from now, but the bottom of it is – we all need this book. It’s relevant for this time and period.

  3. Tiyani Nghonyama (verified owner)

    When I heard the news that Dr Sibanda is writing a book, I got too excited at the prospects of learnings that would come ahead. Throughout the years, I have learned so much from him in different settings, especially as a CEO of The Innovation Hub.

    At the first sight of seeing an ordering page of the book, I bookmarked it and returned with a few hours to purchase the book online and must admit, him being a patent attorney – was the number one motivation onto the purchasing decision. His passion about the sector and of course, a greatest commitment to African entrepreneurship, needed to be shared and enlighten the rest of the world.

    Having read the book, I got to get a greater sense of the journey, challenges and style of leadership in repositioning and positioning The Innovation Hub as a of need and its great role in the Gauteng’s innovation system.

    I have always believed that Economic Policy makers need to strengthen their innovation systems – simply, Economic Policy Makers need to be innovative (we tend to miss this aspect at times). This book enlightened and help me see even more prospects and accordingly Dr Sibanda highlighted the importance of meeting stakeholders’ interests – all have a greater role to play.

    Got to learn more about The Innovation Hub and now fully convinced on why the geographical location is fit for purpose. He very we articulated the notion and purpose of Science and Technology Parks and as also echoed by others – what incubators need to do and also what entrepreneurs need to be aware of on their journeys.

    This is a great book that also shimmers the light on the journey of various entrepreneurs, their struggles, need for a sense belonging, being purposeful and intentful and how Dr Sibanda brought light and opened doors for many. It was also great to hear from beneficiaries of one of his tenure legacy project – eKasi Labs.

    I strongly recommend anyone with entrepreneurial prospects or in current setting, policy makers, academia, open innovation activists/practitioners and others to get this book.

  4. Ikechukwu Emmanuel Okeke

    An insightful book with practical guidelines for both established and aspiring entrepreneurs especially in an era of COVID19 pandemic.

    There was a lesson to be learnt in every chapter. I particularly enjoyed the advice shared by York Zucchi on page 180 and was also drawn to Paseka Lesolang’s story. Paseka’s story elegantly captures the spirit of an entrepreneur.

    Thanks Dr Sibanda for sharing your journey at The Innovation Hub in this book. It was inspiring to read and reminds me that challenges will always exist but our response to it is a major difference between failure and success!

  5. Thandeka Mhlanga

    Just finished reading Nuts and Bolts, what is clear for me is that we need transformational leadership in government, policy makers, and private sector as well as civil organisations. This will enable an innovation conducive environment that is agile, patient, risk prone, with local preferential procurement to aid diffusion. This can be achieved through concerted effort in mobilisation of available resources.

    We need to customize/localized models ( incubation models/ science packs etc), we need customized financial instruments that will address lack of angel investors in the African continent for early product development and validation.

    Our colonial geographical classification(I.e urban, township, rural settings) require decentralised implementation of the innovation support mechanisms I.e EKasi labs.

    To address some of the innovation chasm challenges, we need to scale up civil organizations like Nka’Thuto EduPropeller as they operate on the basic education landscape inculcating the entrepreneurial culture amongst youth and up-skilling them with technical know how to ultimately drive innovation.

  6. Brian Mphahlele

    *Those who do not know should not lead*

    Reading this book one gets a sense of the well rounded leader Dr McLean is. He’s himself an expert in his own right. This is an ingredient for one to think outside the confines of linear definitions of innovation (or more aptly put, a ticket to the dance) i.e an Ekasi Lab idea won’t be birthed by reading books only, it’s rooted in true systems level understanding of the subject matter. Ekasi Labs could have easily been a whole book on its own

    Biopark-The best is yet to come, once again this could have easily been a book on its own.

    GAP- an incredible pipeline feeder over the last decade or so. The credible partners that were drawn to the idea had no doubt in the hands on deck. Mc radiated knowledge, intelligence and experience which sustained the collaboration.

    Innovation Funding- the flexibility McLean introduced at the Innovation Hub is rather unusual i.e appointing an entrepreneur to chair the IC. The strategic foresight embedded in the decision might not be immediately obvious however that’s how you supercharge a system. This entrepreneur didn’t run the IC by any one’s rules-as an entrepreneur shouldn’t

    Lastly – this book is a good induction material for key staff in government departments, agencies, institutions etc that aspire to have a role in innovation

    Thanks for sharing comrade

  7. Rumisha

    Nuts and Bolts is a book well written book about innovation and strategic growth. The principles are easy to implement. If you an entrepreneur or business leader you will gain good insights from this book.

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